Sponsors and CROs

My ClinicalTrial.com   is an industry leading clinical trial portal designed to help you keep your clinical trials on time and on budget. The benefits to registering with MyClinicalTrial.com are as follows:

  1. 1)  Access to cutting edge patient recruitment and retention strategies
  2. 2)  Free study postings
  3. 3)  Industry related news and updates


Patient Enrollment Services

My ClinicalTrial.com   is an exclusive service provided by Clinical Site Services (CSSi) that provides access to monitor and track recruitment results, request additional services, and post other trials to be featured on MyClinicalTrial.com for patients looking for clinical studies.

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Site and Patient Feasibility

Inaccurate feasibility data affects your enrollment timelines because

  • • Sites do not have the time or resources to properly mine their databases for protocol specific patients
  • • EMR systems cannot match a site's database to your protocol's I/E criterial due to their inability to conduct robust patient searches due to search limitations
  • • Sponsors/CRO are left with selecting sites and forecasting enrollment based on inaccurate site feasibility data

MyClinicalTrial ID is a way to validate the site's database against your protocol ensuring you select the RIGHT sites with the RIGHT patients.

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